I am disgusted with the leadership in DC!!

I am totally disgusted with the whole mess in our nation’s capitol. We have a narcissist for a president, a cabinet of appointees who are nothing more than ” Yes” persons. And a Congress which is totally do nothing. The only thing they want to accomplish is to get re-elected. There is almost no consideration for what their constituents desire, only the Party and it makes no difference whether it is Democrat or Republican. The goal now, outside of re-election, is to turn this country into a socialist state. History shows that socialism has always been a failure. Vote buying is rampant and evident with the giveaways.


We have an election in November 2014 and that is the time for major changes. All of the House has to stand for election and about 1/3 of the Senate. Let’s throw the bums out. If your congressional representative has not done what you desire, vote against them and to hell with the “Party” Dumbocrat or Rino. Maybe a third party is in order!! 

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